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“Financial infrastructure (‘payment and settlement systems’) are to economic activity what roads are to traffic: necessary but typically taken for granted unless they cause an accident or bottlenecks develop” (64th BIS annual Report, 1994).

Swiss Value Chain

Swiss Value Chain (SIX, SECOM, and CLS) features in Marlene’s lecture Money, Institutions and Financial Markets at the University Bern ◦ published on “payment system during the financial crisis” ◦ ghostwriting for published speeches of SNB Board members on payments system

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Asian Local Currency Bond Markets – Infrastructure and Financial Market Regulation

Coordinator of the Asian Bond Fund (ABF) initiative by EMEAP at BIS in Hong Kong ◦ in-depth knowledge of fixed income benchmarks, differences in pricing sources, and local trustee/custodian and financial market regulations in the eight ABF markets (China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand)

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Asian Local Currency Bond Markets – Asset Manager Landscape

Product design, execution and promotion of EMEAP’s ABF initiative created contacts to the Asian private asset management sector in all EMEAP economies and allowed to gain in-depth understanding of the market structures, regulatory systems and impediments to financial intermediation

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Swiss National Bank (SNB) Market Analysis Platform (MAP)

“SNB Market Analysis Platform (MAP)” is a real-time management information system to increase efficiency and quality of inhouse reporting and briefings on financial markets at SNB.

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