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Money, Banking and Financial Markets in West and East: from the classic text book to the new trends in FinTech.

The financial crisis put central banks, the low yield environment and financial infrastructure in the spotlight of academia and a broader audience. In her lectures, speeches, and seminars, Marlene covers trends and challenges in central banking/regulation, asset management and financial infrastructure.

University Courses on Central Banks/Regulation, Asset Management, and Financial Infrastructure

Teaches since 2007 at bachelor, master and MBA level ◦ currently at Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen ◦ previously at University of Bern.

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Asset Management Conferences and Board Meetings

Based on working experience since 1994 in Europe, U.S.A and Asia ◦ covering a broad spectrum of topics in international central banking, asset management and financial infrastructure ◦ regular key note speaker at board meetings of public and private sector banks, pension funds, and political committees.

Speechwriting for Board Members

Central bank communication went a long way from Greenspan’s days. Financial markets can perceive words as deeds or can put the words to test. Speech writing requires familiarity with all aspects of central banking. At Swiss National Bank (SNB), Marlene and her team contributed to over 40 published speeches of SNB Governing Board members.

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