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“Financial institutions and their infrastructure (‘payment and settlement systems’) are to economic activity what roads are to traffic: taken for granted unless bottlenecks develop” (64th BIS annual Report, 1994).

Financial Infrastructure – Payment and Settlement System

University courses covering the financial infrastructure in China (CIPS, CCDC, China Foreign Exchange Trading System) and the Swiss Value Chain (SIX, SECOM, and CLS) ◦ published on “payment system during the financial crisis”

Financial Infrastructure and Financial Market Regulation – for Asian Local Currency Bond Markets

Coordinator of the Asian Bond Fund (ABF) initiative by EMEAP at BIS in Hong Kong ◦ in-depth knowledge of fixed income benchmarks, differences in pricing sources, and local trustee/custodian and financial market regulations in the eight ABF markets (China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand)

Asset Manager Landscape – for Asian Local Currency Bond Markets

Product design, execution and promotion of EMEAP’s ABF initiative – contacts to the Asian private asset management sector in all EMEAP economies – in-depth understanding of the market structures, regulatory systems and impediments to financial intermediation